Substance Use Disorder Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment for Addiction and Substance Use Disorder

While many individuals looking to detox from an addiction can find success with treatment from home, people with more severe cases of addiction may require residential substance use treatment at our facility. At Neuro Psychiatric Addiction Clinic, we will be able to create a master treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs, as well as closely monitor your health and progress to give you the best opportunity for recovery. Individuals suffering from more severe cases of addiction are more likely to achieve long-term recovery when they receive a combination of treatments for substance use and mental health while in our care. Are you looking for a residential substance abuse treatment facility in Port St Lucie, FL? We provide residential substance abuse treatment programs for substance use disorder.

What Are the Benefits of Substance Use Residential Treatment?

By admitting yourself or a loved one to a residential substance abuse treatment facility, you’ll have access to health care options around the clock. This includes medication assisted treatment to help you with detox and managing painful withdrawal symptoms. In more severe cases, medical monitoring of your health may be ideal to ensure that there are no major health consequences from with the withdrawal while in recovery.

Patients who receive medical assistance in managing symptoms while detoxing are far more likely to successfully detox and work toward long-term recovery without relapse. Our goal is to ensure that your health is safe and that you are as comfortable as possible throughout the treatment process.

Our facility also provides you and the rest of our patients with access to healthy and delicious meals prepared by our fully-staffed kitchen that not only help to make you feel more comfortable, but give your body the nutrients it requires to remain strong in its fight against addiction.

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Counseling and Support for Your Mental and Emotional Health

In addition to receiving medical support for substance abuse, you’ll have access to professional counseling and healthcare services that can help to improve your mental and behavior health.

This includes individual and group therapy, support groups, art therapy, music therapy, recreational therapy, and numerous other counseling activities that can help you work through the emotions you’re likely to struggle with during your recovery. It’s important to remember that you are not alone in your efforts, and there are others fighting the same fight you are. Many of our staff members are in long-term recovery themselves, and can offer constant support to help you push through to a better life.

Education for Long-Term Recovery

Depending on the extent of your addiction and the chemical effect its had on your body, withdrawal symptoms can persist anywhere from hours to days. Some patients may feel some mild effects for months after.

However, treatment doesn’t end with a detox. Our experience shows that heading right back out to your normal life will almost surely result in relapse. Our treatment programs have a duration uniquely tailored to your individual needs. Having supportive aftercare is just as essential as the immediate detox if you want to recover long-term. We have highly skilled professionals for opioid detox treatment in Port St Lucie.

Client & Peer Recommendations

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“I know Dr. Jose Toledo's quality of care is unsurpassed anywhere. He has gone extra lengths to ensure the very best treatment is made available for those in need. I support his work highly.”

Dr. Randy Hansbrough

“The loving staff here stuck by me even after all the times I wanted to give up on myself. They saved my life, and I feel like I can't ever repay the care and support they gave me to pick myself back up again.”

John Taylor

“I had to send family here when we felt we had no other options to help him with his addiction. He needed a professional. Thanks to their assistance, he has been sober for over a year now, and looks happier and healthier than ever before.”

Jane Smith

“The facility is extremely warm and accommodating. I didn't realize how desperately I needed a quiet place to recover. I was surrounded by the warmest, kindest, caring people you could imagine that support you through everything.”