Inpatient Medical Detoxification

Inpatient Medical Detoxification

Undergoing inpatient medical detoxification is the first step in your addiction treatment journey. The process is going to be difficult, but our medical care providers are here to provide 24/7 monitoring and care to alleviate your symptoms and ensure you remain safe throughout this period. Our goal is to make everything as manageable as possible, so that you can head forward into the next stage of the treatment process with a more optimistic outlook.

We provide MAT (Medically Assisted Treatment) as part of our detox protocols related to opiate and other detoxes. If the medical and clinical team feel that MAT is a necessary ongoing treatment, the client can remain on MAT throughout the duration of their stay. Alternatively, it can be started prior to discharge. We link patients with an MAT provider in their local community to provide ongoing treatment as part of their aftercare plan.

Opioid Detox

Make no mistake, our nation is facing an opioid crisis and has been for some time. Perhaps none so more deadly is heroin, an alkaloid street drug derived from morphine, a potent pain-relieving drug. However, it also includes a host of other similarly deadly pain-relieving drugs when abused. Moreover, utilizing heroin runs the risk of contracting HIV and hepatitis from unhygienic needle use and sharing. It also is the drug with one of the highest rate of overdose and death.

Alcohol Detox

Though the general consumption of alcohol doesn’t necessarily impose immediate harm, more compulsive alcohol use is actually a classified medical condition. It’s what’s known as Alcohol Use Disorder, and can often require detox and support treatment like any other substance addiction. We want to help you conquer your alcohol addiction, heal your body, and repair your social relationships that may have been harmed because of your substance abuse.

Methadone Detox

Our methadone detox treatment facility is equipped to safely detox individuals suffering from all addiction types. What sets NPAC apart from others is that we are one of the few treatment facilities that specialize in treating individuals utilizing high dosages of methadone up to 180mg. Methadone is a dangerous substance as it is easy to overdose, remains in the bloodstream for long periods of time, and can create a host of dangerous side effects. Likewise, withdrawal from high doses of methadone during detox can lead to tachycardia and other dangerous health consequences.

Other Drug Detox

There are many reasons to decided to make a major life change, and maybe there are just many discouraging you from giving up an addiction. Not the least is the likely whiplash you’ll likely experience physically and mentally when attempting to detox. Your body has spent a long time learning to adapt to and depend on the substance, and it’s not going to be easy to let go. However, with our medical detox treatment to support you, you have what it takes to conquer addiction once and for all.

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